Thursday, November 1, 2012

CLUB BREW DAY 11-11-2012

Good Morning All:

The next SBBC brew day will be Sunday, November 11th 2012. 12 noon start. We will be doing a double brew day as voted on by the membership last Sunday.

We will be brewing an Irish Red Ale in memory of a good friend to many of us, Jon Fleming. Jon was 36 when he passed away on October 3rd. He was a Paramedic at Campion and VEMS and a former volunteer firefighter in Avon.

We will be brewing one 5 gallon batch to give away to Jon's friend and family and one 5 gallon batch for ourselves to keg and enjoy. I hope to invite some of his former co-workers and maybe his wife as well to join us for the brew day. The brew kits were ordered on Monday morning and should be in tomorrow. I'm also working on a memorial label for the bottles. A sample of the label is posted below.


  1. Sorry to hear about the loss. I would think the beer will be well received and great tribute!

  2. Thanks Brett. He was a huge loss and will be missed. I agree that this promises to be a great tribute.