Friday, December 7, 2012

Fleming's Irish Red Ale

Sorry for the delay in posting, but November 11th, 2012 was a great brew day. Jon's spirit was with us that day. We all had a great day, with great company and great food. Jon's wife Joanne and Jon's best friend Jeff Pranger came to visit and watch us brew Fleming's Irish Red Ale. Mama Granoth made a big batch of homemade chili complete with all the fixins. 

We decided to brew two batches that day. One batch would be bottled and given to Joanne to share with friends and family. The other batch will be kegged and enjoyed by SBBC members.  I decided to to further honor Jon's memory by numbering the batches with Jon's badge numbers. Batch 289 (Jon's Campion Ambulance number) and Batch 207 (Jon's VEMS badge number) were brewed. The beer came in at 1.046 SG and finished fermenting at 1.016 FG. That gives if a total ABV of 4.5%, which is perfect for this beer style. I was able to bottle the beer right before Christmas. I ended up printing the labels myself. The original plan to order them online would have taken too long.

Please take a peek at the photos below. I'll be adding photos of the brew day later tonight.

Both batches in the fermenter

Batch 298

Batch 207

Krausen cap on one of the batches

Checking the color and ABV %

Getting ready to rack the beer in to the secondary fermenters

Racking to secondary

Both batches in secondary fermenters

Asst. Brewer Joe D. checking progress as we rack into the kegs for carbonation

Racking into the kegs

Racking into the kegs

Both batches in kegs carbonating

Batch 298 bottled, waiting for labels

Bottled and labeled

Trying to be artsy with my photo

Fleming's Irish Red Ale 2012

Jon getting ready to serve some warrants. We will miss you brother.
Keep an eye over us. Love ya.

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