Wednesday, January 22, 2014

January 18th Brew Day

SBBC's first brew day of 2014 went very well. The Club actually brewed two beers on Saturday. We brewed an all grain clone of Black Chocolate Stout from Brooklyn Brewery. We also brewed a Racer 5 Pale Ale extract kit that Nate received for Christmas. We were able to brew the Pale Ale kit while the Stout was hanging out in the mash-tun. Joe D. made boneless wings with his own sweet and spicy hot sauce. 

Both beers finished in the correct range for their original gravity and were transferred to the fermenting vessels. We actually had a little over 6 gallons of the Stout, so we split one gallon into two growlers. All four vessels were bubbling away nicely by Sunday afternoon. 

We were able to get a fresh batch of yeast, direct from the fermenter, from Rob at New England Brewing.  That yeast was pitched into the Stout and it should work nicely. I'll post an update as both beers progress. I plan to brew another version of the Three Micks IRA very soon. 

Here's a few pics from brew day:

Fresh can of yeast from New England Brewing

Stout boiling

View of our new hardware on the brew pot


Chilling the wort

Joe D. chilling, while chilling the wort

Almost done


A well deserved beer after cleaning up

4 happy air locks

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