Monday, August 18, 2014

2014 Hop Harvest

Yesterday, Aidan and I harvested the 2014 hop crop. Not too bad for 2 year old plants. The Newport and Willamette hops did produce a small amount of hops, unlike last year. The Galena plant did amazing this year. Almost two pounds of wet hops harvested. Here are some pics below. Thanks to Big Dan for letting us borrow his FoodSaver vacuum sealer to package the hops for freezing.

Wet Weights
Galena: 1 lb, 13 oz
Newport: 2.25 oz
Willamette: 0.0875 oz

Dry Weights
Galena: 13.25 oz
Newport: 1.25 oz
Willamette: 0.50 oz
Pre-harvest photo

Hops lowered for picking

Clean bines

Galena hops

Big Galena hop cone

Galena hops

Weighing the Galena


Drying the Newport and Willamette 

Clean hop bines. I might make them into a wreath.

The aftermath

Drying the Galena

Packaged Newport

Packaged Willamette 

Dryed and packaged Galena 

Dryed and packaged Galena 

Packaged and in the freezer

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