Sunday, June 10, 2012

Left Coast Beer Heaven

West Coast, the Left Coast, whatever you want to call it is up to you.  But I want to call it Beer Heaven. My good friend Clint and his much better half, Cathy just returned from a cross country RV camping trip from CT to Seattle and back. When he left, I made a single request. Please see if you can find me any West Coast beers, especially any Black IPA's or Cascadian Dark Ales. As anyone who follows my beer related ramblings here, you know that Black IPA's and CDA's intrigue me. Dark beers with big hoppiness excite me. Like a fat kid in a candy shop excited.

So anyway, where was I?  Oh yeah. Back to Clint and Cathy's Cross Country Camping Adventure. Oh holy hoppy happiness, did they hook me up. Poor Cathy said she heard my name way too many times on this trip. Sorry Cathy. Last night, Clint handed me a big ass box of beer. It was like Christmas morning for beer lovers. Not one, not two, not eight, but 9 (NINE) different beers. Two CDA's, two Black IPA's, four IPA's and an Amber Ale. Nine beers from six different states. Half of the breweries I had never even heard of until now. These are some awesome beers that we can't get on this side of the US. Please feel free to peruse the photo's and links below.

And to Clint and Cathy, a huge thank you and I love you too guys.

Left Coast Beer Heaven

Laurelwood Brewing
Ink Heart Cascadian Dark Ale

Deschutes Brewery
Hop in the Dark Cascadian Dark Ale

Bridgeport Brewing
Dark Rain Black IPA

Firestone Walker
Wookey Jack Black Rye IPA

Fremont Brewing
Interurban IPA

Silver City Brewing
St. Florian IPA

Grand Teton Brewing
Teton Ale

Big Sky Brewing
Big Sky IPA

Big Sky Brewing Big Sky IPA

Snake River Brewing
Pako's IPA


Cascadian Dark Ales and Black IPA's

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