Sunday, July 22, 2012

Brewing Club's First Official Brew Day

Sunday July 29th, 2012. A day for the record books. Our first brew as a brewing club. It was a good day to brew. We brewed the Denny's Rye Smile IPA kit from Northern Brewer. NB Denny's Rye Smile IPA 

Nice weather, great friends and lots of great beer. That explains my hangover the next morning. We had beer boiled hotdogs, pizza and variety of snacks. We also had a few new members join us for the brew. Welcome to Dan Chieffo and Dave & Allison Demarest. The brew went well. No problems. Club members got to see what goes into brewing a beer. Lots of prep work sanitizing and readying the equipment and ingredients. The Rye IPA is now happily bubbling away in the fermenter. 
The recipe kit has arrived.

Yeast starter with Wyeast 1450 Denny's Favorite 50.
Beer boiled hotdogs for lunch. Yummy!
Rye IPA towards the end of the boil.

Dom takes a turn at stirring the pot.
Mike checking the propane burner.
Boiling away.
Dom catching some of the leftover wort. (It was very good)

The brew is in the fermenter.

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