Saturday, July 7, 2012

Brewing Gear Upgrade

Yesterday was a great day in Stars & Bars Brewing land. Fed-Ex delivered our first ever kegs and kegging system. I bought this system from Midwest Supplies. These are refurbished ball lock sode kegs. Other than a few dents and dings, these things are good to go. I spent about an hour scrapping decals off of them and gave them a quick scrub and rinse. This system also included a dual output CO2 (Carbon Dioxode) regulator and tank. This will allow us to carbonate and serve from both kegs at a time. This will also decrease the workload of bottling as well. 


  1. Mike...let me konw how that kit works out once it's up and running. I brew on a regular basis with a few friends and we have been tossing around the idea of kegging. The kits seem better and cheaper than what we were looking at at Maltose.

  2. I will Justin. I did a lot of research on the different suppliers website and this seemed like the best deal for the money.