Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Hopfengarten Update # 3

Good morning everyone. I wanted to post another update on the hopfengarten and new trellis / arbor. SBBC member Nate Burne found a used trellis for us to add to the yard. Aidan and I decided to put it up last week. Of course, it so hot and humid. SBBC member Jeff Cathcart was kind enough to loan us a posthole digger, that made the job much easier. We concreted the posts in and let them set until the temperature dropped. We then attached and leveled the cross bar and support arms. One post was a few inches taller then the other, so the Sawzall made quick work of it. Three eye bolts were threaded into the cross arm and twine lines were strung up between the cross arm and the top of the planter trellis. Once the temperature drops, we will paint it and finish the project. The hops are growing well. Galena has taken off like a rocket. It's over 6 feet tall by now and it is starting to grow across the new line over the yard. Updates again soon.

Posts going up

Concrete done, cross bar and supports attached

Lines strung up

View towards the hops

View towards the yard

Latest photo of the hop bines. Galena is in the lead

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