Sunday, July 14, 2013

SBBC 3 Tier Stand Update & Build Pics

Last Saturday, Glenn, Aidan (my 13 y/o son) and I tackled the build of out 3 tier gravity stand. It was brutally hot and humid. I never realized that cutting and welding steel could be such back-breaking work. Glenn had the forethought to have the metal cut to length when he ordered it, so we only had to miter the ends and weld. Aidan took some photos and even tacked a few pieces in place. Only thing we have left to do is grind the welds and paint it. Photos below. Enjoy and cheers!

Mike mitering the corners

Hell yeah!

Glenn welding the bottom frame assembly
Glenn welding the top half of the frame

Glenn welding the uprights

Mike welding the sides

All done. Propane mounted. Now we need a few burners and plumbing. 

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