Saturday, October 5, 2013

Brew Stand Completed?

Glenn and I attached the two new burners to the brew stand and I ran the hoses after testing the burners. These things are serious. It sounds like a launch pad for the space shuttle with them lit. The original parts mistakenly had a 0.5 psi regulator supplying the manifold. Oh no no. That was painfully pathetic. Luckily, Big Dan was able to swap it out for a 10 psi regulator. Holy crap Batman! Much better. All three burners run without any noticeable flow issues. I can't wait to brew in a few weeks. I think the only thing we need to add now is a transfer pump, so we can move wort or water around safely, especially to the top tier. Lifting 5 or more gallons of hot water almost over your head is probably a bad idea.  Here's a few pics. Enjoy and thanks for stopping by. 

The completed stand

Close up of the control manifold 

Another view of the manifold and hoses

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