Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Brew Stand Upgrades

The past few weeks have been busy here at SBBC. Joe, Dan, Glenn and I have been working on upgrading the brew stand. Glenn and I built the stand in July and brewed on it in August. We've been planning on the upgrades since we built it. We started with a few coats of gloss black engine paint. This will hold up to the heat from the burners. The newest project is new burners and a single gas manifold to control all three burners. Joe and Dan were able to get the required parts and assemble them. The next step now is that Glenn and I need to fabricate the brackets for the burners to attach to the stand. Once we build those, we can put it all together and test it out. The last step to the upgrade is to finish converting the keg and big ass 14 gallon into a keggle and hot liquor tank. Some of the pics are below. I'll update this post once as the upgrades come along.

A few coats of gloss black paint on the brew stand

New propane manifold
New gas regulator and supply line 

Starting gas manifold assembly

Gas manifold assembled and labeled

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