Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Kegerator or Keezer?

Look! Out in the garage. It's a kegerator, It's a keezer. WTF is a keezer. Thats right. It's a kegerator built with a freezer. So it's also a keezer. This is a 8.8 cu. ft Frigidaire chest freezer that we bought at Lowes. It will become our 4 tap kegerator. We bought the tap and gas hardware from Keg Connection. This will allow us to have multiple beers on tap at all times and free up the main fridge from holding the kegs. The collar was built with pine 2 x 4's and faced with 1 x 6 Red Oak. Please check back for updates as this project progresses. Cheers. 

**UPDATE** 21 December 2013: The keezer taps and gas hardware have been installed. We're just waiting on the temperature controller to fire this puppy up and pour some beers. 

New kegerator / keezer. Frigidaire 8.8 cu ft freezer 

Another view

Collar weighted down for construction adhesive to adhere

1 coat of stain and 2 coats of clear coat applied. Waiting to dry

Stain and clear coats dry. Now waiting for caulk inside of collar waiting to dry.
Tap and gas hardware will be in tomorrow. 

Perlick 525SS Taps installed

Faucet shanks and beer lines

CO2 manifold

Quick shot of the inside of the keezer

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