Sunday, December 4, 2011

Ahhh, much better beer

I like hoppy beers. Not sure why, but I like them. Probably because I don't go with the mainstream beer lovers. I love craft beers. There is a huge selection among craft brewers. If you like beer, you will find something to like among the craft breweries. There is none of the consumer driven swill that is out there. Case and point. I just shared a bottle of Sierra Nevada's Northern Hemisphere Harvest with my friend and fellow homebrewer, Jeff Cathcart. That is one awesome beer. 6.7% ABV and really hoppy. It's also a Wet Hopped Ale, meaning the hops are brewed within 24 hours of harvesting. Like a smack in the head hoppy. But also a good beer to back up the hoppiness.

Cheers from Jeff!


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