Sunday, May 6, 2012

Black IPA First Taste

Hello kids. The Northern Brewer Black IPA kit that I brewed in March is ready. I've been dreaming of this day for over 2 months. Well today is the day. The beer went into the fridge at 0700 this morning. It has been a long day waiting to crack open the first bottle. I decided to be a good spouse and mow the yard today. What a perfect time to have a beer. Oh, did I mention it's almost a half acre with a push mower?

So the moment of truth. The bottle was nice and cold. Popped the top with the bottle opener. Pssssst! Yes, we have carbonation. Always a bonus. Nothing worse than flat beer. My beer is bottle conditioned, so it carbonates in the bottle. The pour was OK. Not much of a head. Not a huge deal. It looks and smells fantastic. Nice hop aroma. The taste is outstanding. Hoppy up front. Nice malt backbone. Hoppy finish. No off alcohol or off flavors. I am so pleased with the results. Only one drawback....... my glass is empty. Thank God I have more in the fridge. Until next time, be safe and drink well.

The first bottle. I was so excited, I took a swig before I took the photo.
The Brew Menu
Fridge is all stocked up
Son of a .......

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