Thursday, May 3, 2012

Quick Black IPA update

The Black IPA is almost ready. I stirred the yeast today. This is done by inverting the bottles gently and swirling the bottles gently. This will help to stimulate the yeast and help them consume the priming sugar. That's what helps to carbonate the beer. The gentle part it to reduce aeration and shaking the beer. Fermented beer + oxygen = crappy beer. The oxygen will cause off flavors and make the beer taste funny. On Sunday, I'll put a six-pack in the fridge and get it cold. Maybe a test sample Sunday night. Once I verify that the carbonation is at an acceptable level, I'll put the rest in the fridge. If not, it will sit in the beer closet to age longer. Until later, be safe and drink well.

The Black IPA bottle cap label

Almost 2 cases of Black IPA conditioning in the Beer Closet

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