Monday, September 16, 2013

Hopfengarten Harvest 09/15/2013

Yesterday was finally the day to harvest my meager crop of hops. My Galena hops grew surprisingly well for a first year bine. The Newport and Willamette were slow to grow and did not produce any hops this year. First years bines are not really expected to produce much, as they are mostly working on growing their root structure for the following years. 

Regardless, I was excited that Galena started blooming away and sprouted hops. Galena produced 3 ounces of hops before drying. The hops were picked and spread out onto a window screen above a box fan and a 500 watt work light to supply warm airflow to dry them. I put them into a zip-lock bag and into the freezer until our next brew day. I'm excited to see how they grow next season. Here are some pics below. 

Hop Bines

Galena hops prior to harvest

All picked

Drying the hops

Another view of our redneck drying system

All bagged up

Ready for the freezer

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