Thursday, September 5, 2013

Red Rye IPA All-Grain Brew - 08/18/2013

On August 18th 2013, SBBC undertook a big step forward by brewing our first all-grain beer, a Red's Rye IPA clone. This is the scaled down version of the process that larger breweries use. This is more labor intensive and a longer process, but it should make better beer. This is also the first time we used the 3 tier brew stand we built in house a few months ago. It is also the first use of the HLT and MLT coolers we purchased from Northern Brewer. Overall the brew went well. We undershot the pre-boil gravity, but I was able to add 1.5 lbs of DME to correct it. The OG was 1.065 which is just under the estimated 1.066. The FG was 1.010. If I did the math correctly, the ABV should be 7.2%, up from the estimated 6.6%. I think we were successful. The beer was kegged and carbed last Sunday and it should be ready to drink this weekend. I'll post an update then. Cheers. 

Yeast Starter on the stir plate
Our 3 Tier stand put to work
Grain bed after draining the wort
Collecting the wort to boil
Getting there

Boiling away
Chilling the wort
Happy, bubbling airlock

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