Sunday, January 29, 2012

Homebrew Batch No. 3, Coopers English Bitter

Here it is, my first taste. I brewed this beer on New Year's Day with Jeff and Dad. It was a Coopers English Bitter kit that Dad gave me for Christmas. Two weeks in the fermenter and two weeks fermenting in the bottle. This beer is a bit early for tasting, but it's not drinking, it's research and development. I popped two sixpacks  and three stragglers in the fridge today. They're gonna condition for two weeks.

I'm gonna let the rest of the batch (2 cases) sit and carbonate for another week. Then they'll go into the fridge for 2 weeks to condition as well. The instructions say this beer will age well, so I will probably sit on a sixpack or two for a few months. 

So first impression. Good color, no real head. Carbonation seems good for the style. English Bitters are not highly carbonated. Slight cidery smell, but it will probably age out of it. Flavor is good. Nice bitterness, good mouthfeel. No real off flavor I can taste.

So far so good.

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