Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy Brew Year 2012

Happy Brew Year 2012 from Stars & Bars. It was a great start to the New Year. Jeff and I decided that brewing some beer would be a great start. We invited my Dad, Bob, to join us as well. After digging out our gear, we set off to brewing. Jeff brewed a Mr Beer Octoberfest Vienna Lager and I brewed a Cooper's English Bitter. Both are relatively easy kits. More prep work and sanitization then anything else. Oh yeah, drinking beer. Jeff was kind enough to bring an Otter Creek sampler 12 pack. I tried the Black IPA and the Winter Red Ale. The Black IPA is my new favorite..... this week. The Stovepipe Porter was good too. We also toasted the Brew year with Three Philosophers Quad Belgian from Ommegang. The beer is now happily bubbling away in the Fermentation Chamber at a nice 67.6°. The Temp Controller I built is working flawlessly as well as the paint can heater. Check out the pics below.

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